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Each year, NVBIA presents awards to members who show great leadership, business accomplishments, special activities and contributions to NVBIA and the community.


2019—Soledad Portilla
2018—Toll Brothers
2017—Matt Kroll
2016—M/I Homes
2015—Van Metre Homes
2014—Elm Street Development
2013—Brian Cullen
2012—Stanley Martin Companies
2011—Deborah Rosenstein
2010—Michael Jordan
2009—Joel Barkman
2008—Vince Butler and Lou Sagatov
2007—Mark Granville-Smith
2006—Russell S. Rosenberger
2005—John T. Conrad
2004—Mark Granville Smith
2003—Michael Gorman
2002—W. Craig Havenner
2001—Don Knutson
2000—Leon McGlothlin
1999—Albert Small
1998—Miller and Smith
1997—Louis Genuario
1996—Jeffrey Carpenter
1995—Michael Garcia
1994—Randolph Williams
1993—John Heller
1992—Pulte Home Corp.
1991—William Berry
1990—Frederick Kober
1989—Gary Garczynski
1988—Gregory R. Cox
1987—John T. Hazel
1986—Samuel Finz
1985—William Berry
1984—Randolph Williams
1983—Robert Koury
1982—David Miller
1981—Herbert Aman
1980—Douglas Fahl
1979—Orlo Paciulli
1978—Sidney Dewberry
1977—Myron Erkiletian
1976—Emil Keen


The Custom Builder of the Year award is presented each year to a member of the Custom Builder Council for significant contributions to the NVBIA and participation in the Custom Builder Council’s programs, activities and leadership.

2019—Ali Khazai, Capital City Builders
2018—Rob Fisher, Fisher Custom Homes
2017—Andrew Moore, Arlington Designer Homes
2016—Rob Fisher, Fisher Custom Homes
2015—Rick Genuario, The Genaurio Companies/Wakefield Homes
2014—Mark Stahl, Stahl Homes
2013—John Sekas, Sekas Homes
2011—Rick Genuario, The Genuario Companies/Wakefield Homes
2010—Tom Byrne, Chadsworth Homes


The Associate of the Year award is presented to an associate member for significant contributions and participation in the NVBIA’s programs, activities and leadership.

2019—Keith Scott
2018—John Buhl
2017—Bill Fissel
2016—Mike Rolband
2015—Gene Frogale
2014—Helman Castro
2013—Joseph Paciulli
2012—Matt Fox
2011—Sally Hankins
2010—Sherman Patrick
2009—Mike Rolband
2008—Tim Hughes
2007—Leslie Hathaway
2006—Pete Rigby
2005—Bill Zink
2004—Cecilia A. Hodges
2003—Patti Brownstein
2002—John DeBell
2001—Roy Beckner
2000—Stephen Robin
1999—Karen Hammond
1998—Richard Cole
1997—Diane Dubois
1996—Steve Potucek and Ervin Bedker
1995—Charlie Browning
1994—Paul Johnson
1993—Jeff Kauffman
1992—Debbie Rosenstein
1991—Douglas Fahl
1990—Charlie Browning
1989—Christopher Brown
1988—Sidney Dewberry
1987—Harvey Sorum
1986—Ellen Carroll
1985—William Thomas
1984—Stanley Smith
1983—Kenneth Murphy


The Emil Keen Award is presented to a member whose lifetime contributions to and involvement in the NVBIA exemplify leadership, commitment and dedication to further the goals of the housing industry. Many previous recipients have been members of NVBIA for 30+ years and given tirelessly of their time and resources. Without these amazing dedicated individuals we would not have been able to accomplish what we have today.

2017—Craig Havenner
2015—Douglas Fahl
2013—John Stokely
2011—Mark Granville-Smith
2009—Mike Erkiletian
2007—John Heller
2005—Ken Thompson
1999—Louis V. Genuario
1998—Myron P. Erkiletian
1997—William H. Lauer
1996—L. Randolph Williams
1995—F. Gary Garczynski
1994—Frederick Kober
1993—William L. Berry


The Bill Berry President’s Award recognizes a member for their outstanding contributions of time, talent and dedication to the NVBIA and building industry—often behind the scenes and with little fanfare. The award is named after Bill Berry, a former association president and industry legend, who humbly represented all of the qualities and characteristics the award is meant to embody.

2019—Michael Jordan
2018—Andrew Painter
2017—Gene Frogale
2016—Mike Kitchen
2015—David Bomgardner

NVBIA is a 3-in-1 Membership

Our members are also represented by the HBAV: Home Builders Association of Virginia and the NAHB: National Association of Home Builders, which concentrates on Capitol Hill and federal agencies.