//Future Leaders Networking & Team Building Event
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Join the Future Leaders Committee at Room Escape Fairfax on Wednesday, June 26th for networking, team building, and fun! Members will have the opportunity to network from 4:30 to 5:30, followed by team building in one of the following 6 rooms:

  • The Cure– During the players’ adventure they stumble across an abandoned hospital. Little did they know that the Black Plague has infected the halls and now them! They will need to piece together a cure before time runs out.
  • Joker’s Trap– After searching for a criminal named Joker, he turns the tables on you and captures the entire group! When the players regain consciousness, they are greeted by a dark room. There are 3 restraints that are placed on the players: a handcuff, a body chain, and a leg chain that they will need to escape from before attempting to escape the room.
  • The Frightful Feast– After receiving a dinner invitation from an old college friend, your team ends up passing out at the doorstep. You wake up to three villainous monsters planning a feast- With you on the menu. Your team has 60 minutes to escape this frightful feast while the monsters attend to their final preparations. This room encourages teamwork by silently splitting the team into smaller groups to remain efficient. Traditional padlocks are a rare sight in this room.
  • Save the White House– A group of hackers have gained access to the White House’s nuclear launch codes and are planning missile strikes on major cities. Your job is to re-hack the system within the white house and deactivate the missiles before they fire. This is a medium-difficulty room that is popular with players of many experience levels.
  • 1960: History of the Future– In the future, the world has been taken over by an evil Artificial Intelligence named A.L.I.S.O.N. You and your team are sent back in time to the year 1960 to steal the blueprints of A.L.I.S.O.N before she can come into existence.
  • 2233: Fighting for the Future– Your team has arrived in the year 2233 on the very day A.L.I.S.O.N. took control of the arsenal of three global superpowers. She is not happy to see you. With time until chaos and destruction ticking down, will you and your teammates find a way to deactivate A.L.I.S.O.N. before you are short-circuited?

Be sure to register today, space is limited.