March 8,2021

Jessica – tell us a little about your company:

I am a Land Acquisition Specialist at Drees Homes, a National, Custom builder headquartered in Ft. Mitchell, KY operating across 10 metropolitan areas ranked the 13th largest private builder in the country. We close roughly 200 homes/year in our local Washington Division located in Manassas, VA. We have 12 active communities across NoVa and Frederick County, MD where we build a variety of house types including Single Family, Townhomes, and several condo style products.  I work to secure additional ground in strong locations so that Drees can expand its footprint in this area.  This year at the Great American Living Awards (GALA), Drees was awarded Best Design & Architecture, Detached Home 1-1.4 million and Best Design & Architecture, Detached Home 700-800K.

When and why did you join NVBIA?

I’ve had the fortunate experience of having NVBIA membership through all 3 builders I’ve worked with thus far, 1st Relux Homes, then DR Horton, and now with Drees Homes. As a builder, it’s a great way to network and make connections and it’s also a wonderful way to garner recognition for the hard work we put into Communities; GALA is a great example.

What is the value of NVBIA to your company?

During the start of the pandemic this time last year, NVBIA and NAHB worked hard to make sure construction was declared an essential business in the United States. With market supply already incredibly strained, it’s been so important for builders like us to continue to operate. Locally, we also have a lot of changes happening at the county level, and to continue supporting NVBIA as they advocate on behalf of the industry is immensely important. The networking and events in the past, and in the future again as things start to open up, is a great way to leverage new business and contacts.

How are you involved with NVBIA?

Currently I am on the 2021 Board as Chair of Member Services and in 2020 I was the chair of Membership Retention. I also love going to Chapter Meetings and Mixers, WBI Events, and Future Leader Events as much as time allows.

If you were talking to a future member of NVBIA, what would you say to them? 

You get as much out of it as you put into it! The key is understanding what you want out of your membership- to grow your business, meet new contacts, advocacy, keep in touch with current clients, learn about industry changes? Don’t be afraid to ask leadership for introductions to contacts that will help get the value you want from becoming a member.

Let’s learn a little more about you! What do you do with 30 minutes of free time? 

I enjoy walking with my dog – Choco, a chocolate lab.

Who has inspired you?

My mother and both of my grandmothers have inspired me.  Coming to the US from India, life was difficult.  Learning a new culture and a new way of living was not an easy task. Working hard and putting out the effort made each successful.  I admire these women.

What sound do you love? 

Waves at the ocean.  I let out a long Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh when I hear that sound.  It is completely relaxing.

If you were stuck in a tv show for a month, which would it be and why?

The Wilds – it is on Prime.  An all-woman cast marooned on an island and the very interesting dynamics that evolve.  Not a reality show.  I would like to see how I would react being in that same circumstance.

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