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February 18,2020

NVBIA had its beginnings in 1936 as the Arlington Builders Association and now 84 years later we are known as the Northern Virginia Builders Association, as we have been since 1986. With more than 50 meetings and events scheduled for 2020, we meet the needs of our 600-strong organization with a variety of engaging educational and networking programs throughout the year. Always supporting those issues important to the housing industry, NVBIA is not only developing programs with local educational institutions to expand our workforce supply but is also working with local jurisdictions to address the issue of housing affordability. Our 2019 Building Impact Report recently released addressed NVBIA activity throughout the past year.

We invite you to visit our site often for upcoming articles and posts about industry news and insights.  As a NVBIA member, we also invite you to contribute to our blog with articles of your own.   If you would like to publish to our blog, we invite you to contact us and we’ll gladly assist you in publishing here on NVBIA.com

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